Bouncing Back From The Bad Mother Blues

Parenting can be an extremely humbling experience. And there is nothing like having your profession thrown in your face by your daughter when you are not showing up as an ideal mother. I had one such experience last week.   What I am grateful for is having the perspective to see how different my daughter looks when I go from one mood to another so I don’t take my bad mother blues too seriously. Previously, I would have been so ensconced on a self-help path to fix my errant ways that I would have missed the opportunity to rebuild the bridge between...

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Intimacy is Natural When You See Each Other Fresh

Just finished the Mid-Year Reset and Refresh Workshop with Amy Johnson, Barb Patterson, Scott Kelly, and Angus. It is a wonderful example of how service and fun can co-exist. I feel very grateful to the participants and to my co-presenters for co-creating such a heart-opening and inspiring workshop.    It was so much fun sharing the understanding of the Principles by looking in the directions of work, health, relationships, and habits--and seeing that it is the same conversation no matter what the subject matter. Ultimately what is important in all areas is understanding that your experience is a reflection of thought in...

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