I Can Be A Bitch by Julieanne Chazotte

This week's guest blog post is written by my apprentice Julieanne Chazotte. I love how Julie embraces her humanness and finds freedom in letting go of self-judgments. Her invitation is for us all to see that our human foibles cannot and do not mean anything about us. And in the letting go of pressure on ourselves to be better, the resulting internal freedom naturally allows us to show up in more loving and compassionate ways.   Over the past few weeks my husband, Dror, and I have been going through an IVF process. This is a costly intervention with a lot of...

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What is Behind Frustration and Impatience?

Frustration and impatience -- they come up all the time in both personal and professional relationships.   I experience both. I do my best not to express them, but I often do, in spite of my attempts not to. Sometimes I am just not able to restrain myself, and sometimes I think I am filtering myself but really I am kidding myself –– like a child who hides her head under a blanket and thinks she cannot be seen. I think I am keeping my feelings under wraps, but it is quite obvious to the person on the receiving end how I am...

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